Quantitative research

Data collection

We use the following data collection methods:
  • Face-to-face interviewing (in-home, in-office, in the street, in points of sale etc.)
  • Telephone interviews (CATI or P&P)
  • Central location tests
  • Home tests
  • CAWI surveys (including on-line panel surveys and click tests of visuals and texts, and shelf tests)
  • Observations (Mystery shopping, anonymous observations of shoppers etc.)
  • Ad hoc research
  • Recurrent projects (trackers)

Data analysis

Standard statistical procedures and advanced data analysis techniques
  • Factor analysis
  • Linear and logistic regression models
  • Cluster analysis
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Discriminant analysis
We provide data files to our Clients in any format on their choice (ASCII, SPSS, Excel are used most frequently)
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