Qualitative research

Qualitative research methods

Our methodological repertoire includes:

  • All types of focus group discussions (incl. creative sessions, mini-groups, prolonged groups)
  • In-depth interviews
  • Expert interviews
  • Dyads, triads
  • Brain-storming sessions
  • Ethnographic research (in-home observations, accompanied shopping trips, accompanied test-drives, accompanied outings, “life world” studies)
  • Diary, video diary includes smartphone and Google Glass videos in real life
  • Documentaries, Vox Pops
  • Semiotic Research
  • Online and mobile qualitative research (individual chats, forums/ focus groups/ communities)
  • Neuromarketing research
  • Car clinics (static, dynamic, fly in)
  • Mystery shopping / calling, audit of field force (work of medical REPs, etc)

Facilities and equipment

We operate an IN-HOUSE FOCUS GROUP FACILITY equipped with a two-way mirror and sophisticated technical systems.

Moreover, we provide our Clients wishing to observe focus groups / interviews with a COMFORTABLE DISTANT OFFICE allowing them to:

  • Wi-fi Internet;
  • Observe discussions on-line in real time from any place outside our office;
  • Communication with the moderator in real time (the ability to send text messages to еру moderator to correct the discussion / interview via smartphone);
  • Listen to a discussion / interview in the original language or simultaneous translation voice-over (either through speakers or headphones);
  • Work on a laptop, create and edit documents, surf on the Internet, check and send e-mails, print documents;
  • Choose the language(s) for DVD recordings.

If you need a super-premium facility to host top-management and/or your customers, we will rent a venue at a luxurious hotel or restaurant.

In case regional research is needed, we have access to high quality specially equipped facilities in all major cities in Russia and in other СIS countries , Baltic countries and Eastern Europe countries.

Clients’ Room

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Focus Room

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