Grushinskiy Conference 2015

March 11, 2015

Representatives of the Mittel MGU company visited V Grushinskiy Conference, which was held under the theme: “BIG SOCIOLOGY: THE EXPANSION OF DATA SPACE”. The theme of big data is popular and actual nowadays, but how to work with these data sets, especially among medium-sized businesses or small companies, remains a question. Colleagues from different cities of Russia shared their experience of handling both qualitative and quantitative data. Also, the conference has become a platform for discussion of professional standards and ethical principles of work in research industry. Among the interesting presentations can be distinguished the speech of Frederick Conrod – professor of the University of Michigan (Dr Frederick Conrad_SMS-Interviews vs Voice Interviews), Kasatkina A.K. From Ethnography to Crowdsourcing, Orlova G.A. Discourse Analysis of Silence, B. Lyukmanov Threats or New Opportunities for Field Companies, etc.
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