Exhibitions «HouseHold Expo», «LuxuryHITS» & «HoReCa»

March 21, 2013

Exhibitions «HouseHold Expo», «LuxuryHITS» & «HoReCa» 2013 always catch attention of our company, as it is one of the main areas of our expertise, and we always strive to be informed about the state of the professional community and consumers of these products’ categories.

On March 21-24, 2013, Moscow hosted the 11th International Exhibition HouseHold Expo which is focused on the largest producers and distributors of furniture and home furnishings. HouseHold Expo is the only professional platform in Russia which offers opportunities for business contacts, signing contracts and market analysis. At the exhibition all types of goods for home were introduced: plates and dishes, household goods, furnishings, textiles.
The total area of the spring exhibition made up 19,754 square meters, the exhibition was attended by 356 companies from 14 countries such as Belgium, Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, China, UAE, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, France and Estonia. The exhibition was visited by 9068 experts – representatives of wholesale and retail trade.

Exhibitions LuxuryHITS and Stylish Home, Objects & Tableware took place successfully on March 21-24, 2013.
During the opening day of the exhibition – March 21 – the visitors were able to enjoy an exclusive show «Surrealist» and an art installation «Automatic» by Tom Wolfe, who proved that food can also be an art. With the help of a brush and melted chocolate he painted bodies of models and offered guests good cheer. After his performance an English food designer gave way to Denis Santachiara who held a master class in design. This eventful day ended in showing a collection of furniture by Samuels Mazza.
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